Jan  2021

As a magazine shelf, “COMBO SHELF” attach more importance to the wood dyeing technique upon the “Combo” series. The entire outer frame is made of laminated solid wood which is bent carefully. To get the color with high saturation and still highlight the texture of the wood itself, Yann Design Studio develops a unique color ink after hundreds of experiments during months. If wood is coated with this ink manually, the color and layer of it can be excellently rich and delicate.

Currently, the research on wood dyeing is still in progress, and more colors will be released later.

“COMBO SHELF”作为一款杂志置物架,在“COMBO”系列的基础上强调对木材染色的探索,整个外框架都由实木薄板层压弯曲制成,为了得到饱和度高且依然能凸显木材本身纹理质感的颜色,Yann Design Studio 经过了数月上百次的实验,自制了独特的彩色油墨,通过人工擦涂的方式让颜色层次更加丰富细腻,