Yann Pu

furniture/product designer

After graduating from the Furniture Design and Making Program of UCOL in New Zealand, Yann founded Yann Design Studio in Cheng Du in 2020.

Yann Design Studio is dedicated to contemporary interior product design, with great emphasis on material and craftsmanship innovation, and the designer’s high engagement in the entire production process. Through this, an aesthetic, craftsmanship, and commercial balance can be perfectly achieved.

With an open mind to various challenges, Yann Design Studio also provides design services that include but are not limited to furniture design, industrial design, and interior design.

鄢 璞

家具/产品 设计师


Yann Design Studio 致力于当代室内产品的设计和研发,强调材料和工艺的创新以及设计师在整个制作流程中的高参与度,并以此实现美学,工艺和商业的三者平衡,我们同时以开放的心态迎接不同的挑战,所提供的设计服务包括但不限于 家居产品设计,工业产品设计,室内设计