June 2021

The Combo Bench was initially designed as a flat-pack bench, and its entire frame is CNC-machined from solid aluminum alloy, allowing easy assembly and supporting weights up to 400 kilograms. 

During the process of making the bench surface, I experienced the hazards caused by fiberglass, which were initially planned for use. Through research and experimentation, I found that degreased cotton gauze could serve as a partial substitute. While its overall strength doesn’t match fiberglass and isn’t suitable for outdoor or industrial use, its reduced hazards during processing make it much more worker-friendly. Additionally, this material possesses easy dyeing properties and offers a rich, delicate texture effect, making it a potential alternative for home product materials.

Sustainable design is a global concern today, However, designers often focus on the final product, but little attention is given to the workers involved in the production phase. In my view, the ultimate goal of sustainable design is to create a better, more habitable future for human beings. The workers on the production line are often the closest individuals to our design in the production process, yet they are also the most easily overlooked blind spot.

Yann Design Studio 在“COMBO BENCH“项目中尝试了环氧树脂的新工艺,由于一直坚持对整个工艺流程的优化,我们替换了原计划中的凳面材料玻璃钢,因为其在加工过程中会对工人造成严重伤害,并用自主研发的树脂棉做了替代,令人惊喜的是,我们得到了一个玉石般温润的效果