July 2019

While engaging in experimental innovation, traditional materials, and craftsmanship remain indispensable elements in the design language of YannDesignStudio. We believe that bringing existing elements, steeped in time, into the context of modern aesthetics can still rejuvenate them.

The “Oriental Dream” series is an exploration based on this idea—capturing the hazy artistic conception of Eastern civilization through traditional fine woodworking techniques, presented in new dimensions and design approaches.

The D-1 Chair is a lounge chair that fully embodies the art of bentwood craftsmanship. Crafted entirely from oak, the seat employs steam-bending technology, minimizing structural components, creating a symmetrical and powerful form, and constructing a ceremonial sense of dignity with its wide backrest.

“Oriental Dream”系列便是基于此进行的一项探索——把东方文明的朦胧意境通过传统细木工艺,以新的尺度和设计手法呈现。

D-1 Chair 是一把充分体现曲木工艺的的休闲椅,整体由橡木制作,座面应用了蒸汽热弯工艺,并尽可能的对结构件做了省略,对称并充满力量感的造型和宽阔的椅背构建出仪式般的庄重感。