July 2020

As the first creation in “COMBO”, ”COMBO CHAIR” has a knock-down structure— the whole frame is made from a 20mm thickness solid aluminium plate and is cut by CNC machine. This is achieved by a thorough research of the material and manufacturing process,since it can retain to the largest extent the original cold texture of solid metal while reasonably control the structural strength and weight.

Besides, the chair seating and backrest are also made of CNC-cut plywood. It is worth mentioning that the backrest, which is precisely cut from a 4mm thick elastic plywood, can provide users with comfort. After being polished meticulously,all components show an elegant gloss.

“COMBO”CHAIR 是工作室推出的首发系列“COMBO”的第一件作品。是一把可拆卸平板包装的椅子,整个椅子框架由一块20mm厚的实心铝合金板型材CNC切割而成,在对材料和工艺仔细研究之后,保留了实心金属原始的冷峻质感同时合理的控制了结构强度和整体重量,椅面和靠背同样使用CNC切割的多层板,特别是椅背由一块4mm多层板精确切割,自带弹性并增加了舒适感。所有部件经过细致的打磨,呈现出细腻柔和的光泽.