June 2021

Yann Design studio experimented with a new technique on the epoxy resin in the “COMBO BENCH”. Having been insisting on optimizing the producing process, we replaced the original seat board material glass fibre epoxy with self-made cotton fibre epoxy, because fibreglass products seriously harm workers during the making process, and, surprisingly, we got a  jade-like result.

In addition, the whole load-bearing frame is manufactured by CNC machine and by replacing components, the size of it can be adjusted flexibly to suit different spaces.

Yann Design Studio 在“COMBO BENCH“项目中尝试了环氧树脂的新工艺,由于一直坚持对整个工艺流程的优化,我们替换了原计划中的凳面材料玻璃钢,因为其在加工过程中会对工人造成严重伤害,并用自主研发的树脂棉做了替代,令人惊喜的是,我们得到了一个玉石般温润的效果